special projects         April 13 & 14     200$ per person

Two Day Sculpture and Hand Building Workshop             10am-12:30  Break for lunch.  2pm-4:30 each day

call for appointments

Summer Youth Workshops     150$  All inclusive

Monday-Thursday 2- 4pm   Ages 6-16

May 27-30  Wheel Throwing

June 3-6 Wheel Throwing  (also available from 10am-12)

June 10-13 Drawing into Clay

June 17-20 Sculpture

July 8-11 Wheel Throwing  (also available from 10am-12)

July 15-18 Wheel Throwing

July 22-25 Printmaking into Clay

easter and mardi gras Workshops

Students learn how to create works with clay,  for holiday gift giving and memory keepsakes.  (excludes wheel throwing )
At the end of our time glaze colors will be chosen. Due to the process of cleaning, slow drying,  firing and then glazing the work takes up to a month.  Adel applies the glaze and contacts you for pick up, within a month.  Plan accordingly. 

We offer 6 session group classes,  for those who want to learn how to glaze.
  Or.... set up a private session at 65$ an hour.
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appointments only! 


40$ Per Person * Per Hour and Half *ALL INCLUSIVE